Well so here it goes, this will be my first tutorial on this. Pop the switch and Negative contact out, with a small screw driver. You probably already know this, but did you double the current draw that you read? The beam can be adjusted to remove the donut in the beam. The beam is not as smooth as the Malkoff D Drop In. These shots are taken at ‘ There is a Palm Tree that the lights are trying to light up. Joined Sep 21, Messages 9, Likes Points

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Personally, I’m favoring my Q5 set up because it has 3 modes This combination tool is integrated into one compact unit with a built-in matlite release Pic Do you already have an account? The beam is not as smooth as the Malkoff D Drop In. Just got my heatsinks in today so tomorrow I will be mod’n away Half the current draw with 2 batteries.

Flashlight Review, Elektro Lumens P7 2-3D Maglite

And still be plenty bright! Do you think a MC-E-star would work, too with the reflector being cut down a bit more? Despite its small size, this little device Alkaline and carbon-zinc will suffer from serious voltage sag and thus provide lower output than NiMH.


I’m going to give this a try. From cashmere to cardigans, there’s a sweater for every occasion to give his closet a cuddly upgrade.

Whats the runtime on alkalines? The stock reflector is installed but the “tail” is cut amglite. Ideally, I would use that remora board from the sandwich shoppe and get three modes in direct drive, but I’ve no clue what batteries to use. Current draw taken after the lux readings after 2 minutes.

Flashlight Review, Elektro Lumens P7 D Maglite | EDCForums

Last edited by dirtech; at Naglite Bookmarks Digg del. Yeah those magoite cool Yes, direct drive will work with all of those chemistries, but not with the same output. Here, six cold-weather camping tents that are worth the investment. Once you put the switch back into the new Modified housing, bend down the Negative strip as far as it will go. Get your 24 gauge Teflon wire out and cut 2 lengths. From these battery performance curves, you can estimate the voltage that the battery can hold under load.


Cleaned up from the above picture. Erns, have you ever considered putting all of your reviews on one website? The switch holder light post will be cut off, and wires soldered to switch and directly to the LED.

Easy Maglite P7 Mod! Nice…

If I go direct drive, can anyone tell me my battery options with a 2 D mag. Technology has come so far since the Q5! Joined Jun 19, Messages 2, Likes Points 0.

To get started here are some of the parts you are going to need: Or is there something what will work better with a 3C? From the outside it look like an ordinary 2D Maglite.

Now put all the Mag parts back together. What really surprises me is how far this one throws!