The only irritations are occasional paper misfeeds, and a tendency to cause streaking during colour scans if the inside is insufficiently clean. To make scanning as simple as possible, ScanSnap inspects each document to decide if a document should be scanned in black and white or colour, what the size of the page being scanned is and eliminate blank pages, all of which serve to speed the scanning operation and minimise your storage requirements. I’m glad I bought this one. Fujitsu ScanSnap S reviews 22 reviews. Rebooted and reconnected the hardware. Tell us what you think about the ScanSnap S

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The S was disconnected and the downloaded software loaded. I therefore went to the Fujitsu website and aia the ScanSnap Manager for the iX – I didn’t bother with the Organiser software as you need to submit Scanner details anyway I found that the Organiser for the S works fine.

I am using it for home use – the objective is to put all my historic and current filing on to my p. I haven’t told Fujitsu!! I expected it to be bigger so it was a nice surprise. Fujtisu I experimented initially the higher speeds seemed to work very well too.

I then open the scanner and remove the page and run it through again – same noise.

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S510

Aside from a thanks to all who’ve contributed to this thread I wanted to note that I was able to get the ScanSnap fiEOX2 working using the instructions above although I noted a couple of potential differences. In all, I am very happy, it is very fast, just hope it will last for a long time. Only let down is the software for scanning business cards. I ran all the installations in Compatibility mode Windows 7 and as an Administrator The compatibility information on the Fujitsu site is a bit confusing as initially it points you to the Vista update.


So this was a real shame. Easy to use and develop a backed-up up paperless system. I was also very happy with the service and advice from your website and would definitely consider buying equipment from you in future.

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S – Fujitsu Global

New 13 Sep 8. Glad you got it sorted.

The manual does say though that one should only use proprietary Fujitsu Cleaner F1. I only wish I could use this software on other pdf wa I have that were not created by ScanSnap. It would be a fantastic all round machine if it did this more effectively. The facilities offered in terms of paper handling are excellent – different paper sizes, skewed paper or print, paper submitted upside down or sideways etc are all corrected automatically for you. It should be robust of course – just noticed the Fujitsu write up says suitable for light office use and equates that to one thousand sheets a day!!


My Computer You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this It is truly wonderful. I tried everything above which did not work for me but I did find a process that worked and may be helpful for others. I have scanned a few documents and everything appears to be as before. Only one problem I’ve encountered, when it’s cold it tends to feed two or more pages through at once so you need to be standing over it when scanning.

The ScanSnap symbol appeared in the taskbar. Just wanted to give a big thanks fuujitsu hobbit, got it to work! Your rating out of 5.

I tried the above solution to no avail so I went poking around the program files looking for previously installed drivers. I’ve been pleased with it, and with scansna sales support I had from Tradescanners. Fujitsu ScanSnap S 5 out of 5 from 22 reviews. Up to K scans. So, don’t throw your S scanner away, just run it with the iX software. About the fourth time through it runs perfectly.