I’m selling some stuff! The driver makes use of VCPI for protected mode operations. And that should do it. Dosbox was slower than my old I had to turn on frameskip and try to optimize, but the game have more slowdowns than my android phone runing dosbox well I will try to run only X and dosbox to see if there is any improvement. This page has been accessed 65, times.

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creedos Use at your own risk. The MENU items are featured in green:. This was the source I read up regarding a possible workaround, and Aureal Vortex 2 was one of the cards mentioned, but has anyone tried taht card and confirmed so? Ability to run resource -hungry dos games in modern systems at full speed.

Also, you’ll have the same limitations as SB DOS drivers conflicts in protected mode and those things. PCI Soundcards for Ultima 7, www. Of course it will be slow as hell, but it CAN work: This site hosts no abandonware. There was something about the SB Live! Sound Creedos Emulator for Dos? This is the address of the wavetable chip in hex for example, Sometimes, on a free weekend, when you’re tired and bored to even play some games, you might be thinking like what I have just written above.


I’ll try it again this afternoon when I have time and report back with my results.

Getting sound to work in FreeDOS on Modern systems.

On Wed, Jun 10, at 4: Simplify your report design, integration and deployment – and focus on what you do best, core application coding. At least you guys can understand that I’m bored. Assuming such drivers do not exist, I will seriously considering developing it, but there are questions regarding feasibility, and any development tips would be helpful. I just got a spare sound card from my friend. Of course, these are just examples; you may need to tweak these according to your specific system.

So you do get limitations in sound quality it seems.

Free forum by Nabble. I recall reading somewhere Aureal Vortex cards might work but I want to get some real advice from subscribers here.

In the end, just a Sound Blaster or Pro emulator with built-in good slow down utility and a VESA compatible driver is all that I need in a modern system. This means you have access to the source code for all FreeDOS.

VOGONS • View topic – Sound Blaster 16 PCI FreeDOS issues

Even tried the SB in the strings, I freedls the same thing, no sound. BAT that tell the game how your sound card is configured. If feasible, I believe the effort is non trivial and requires at least a few months.


The purpose for intercepting int 67h VCPI is to manipulate the environment for DOS extenders such as dos4gwin such a way so that they also use the SB emulation code. I’ll post the configurations used in the Autoexec.

I’ll see what I can do in my current laptop with all these goodies. There are some wiki and faq pages about this question: I already tried adjusting the the IRQ, Address, etc. Something like the paper-fold example of explaining time travel or warping in space theory – bypass the driver requirement by directly communicating with the sound cards by “contacting directly” the sound cards, via the usual common audio hardware ports and interrupts on the pc.

It’s just an ordinary crap! There was once a IBM PC clone called “Tandy”; it had a built-in 3-voice synthesizer similar to those found in early game consoles.