Have been in contact with Event Elec. If anyone out there is interested, make me a reasonable offer. Now I’m trying to sell a so good mixer board. I have decided to sell my studio stuff. I did open her up a couple of month ago to peek inside not much to see really but will do it again and measure the voltages coming in pre and post the power supply. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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I really am wondering what is under the hood here, but geeze, there has to be a way to add parameters, or perhaps even new FX types 2.

Your email address will not be published. Thanks for explaining how to make the EZBus work with Windows 7.

Szbus I’m trying to sell a so good mixer board. Then I tried with garageband. I thought I was the only one that had one of these.

I need some help and Event no longer supports the EZBus. This is coming in handy. Until I find a buyer, I use the optical chanel. Anyway, I hope that helps those who are looking to keep this flawed workhorse alive!


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Still so useful and it was a great deal even back then. Could it just be that the drivers are too old or should it always work with CoreAudio? Evebt plugged it in, no need for drivers and the thing works really well with it, albeit that I have to set sample buffers on my Dzbus at nothing lower thanbut it is usable!

Like many of you, I my EZ Bus is sitting in my studio, virtually unused.

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I used mine with Cubase and an asr 10 alesis drum machine. I think I had things go into a dj mixer,midi box etc.

Bottom line, everything seems to work fine. I own a event ezbuus. Your help would be highly appreciated! Google [Bot] and 0 guests. I know others must be searching for this as I have, so. I too bought mine when it launched and felt completely abandoned less than a year later. If they are far apart they will hum.


Have been in contact with Event Elec. Do you also have the installation manual? I am still learning a lot.

macOS Audio • View topic – Event EZBus with Mac OS X / Logic Pro 8 setup issue

If anyone knows of a solution… let me know! Does anybody have the driver for the EZ8 card? This is a good forum. Will only ship in US. I also still wzbus the following files: I just turned 79 years old in December.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Evdnt able to go into the Action menu of Reaper and start prgramming faders, transport controls, etc. Finding one of the original engineers. When it does so, it always begins with a sharp noise, followed by a blank screen and a digial sine-wave being output.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.