Contact your card manufacturer to learn the location of the chip in the type of card you use. New Printer Family The printer is part of a new family of printers that use new technology to expand their capabilities. CP80 Quick More information. Please do not attempt to operate or repair this equipment without adequate training. Depending on the type of card and the type of reader, the reader might have read-only or both read and write functionality. The printer maintains a queue that can have up to two jobs in it.

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RFIDeas provides a utility to configure the reader. Choose from three flexible configurations.

Datacard XPS Card Printer – PDF

You can also set values not specified by a standard, called a custom format. The printer both encodes data and then reads it to verify that it was encoded correctly. Find the label on the side of the cover arm: Cards can be contacted or contactless cards. For the manual-feed printer, the speed is provided in seconds to print a card.

Datacard XPS Card Printer

A smaller slot will be stronger and contribute to durability in the slotted area. Bar codes can be read by inexpensive readers in a variety of environments to link card holders with their data, such as a security profile. Some smart cards have cryptographic tools to generate key pairs on board, useful for digital signatures and secure IDs.


Do not place an important image on the front of the card in the same area as a magnetic stripe or other machine-readable feature. This download supports the following bit Microsoft operating systems: Microsoft, Windows, More information. Address print quality requirements.

This guide provides information for setting up the advanced features of the printer such as magnetic stripe and smart card options, and provides detailed information on using the Printer Manager. We cannot be held liable.

A three-track module encodes IAT data by default. The data format also specifies the location of the track and the number of tracks.

Datacard XPS Card Printer DLL Files – DLL Troubleshooting Directory

Several smart card options are available, either as factory-installed options or as field upgradable options. Get one reliable system including everything needed to create high quality photo ID cards or badges.

Any use, operation or repair. Follow these guidelines to position card design components for best results. We cannot be held liable for any problems.


A payment card can use a bar code. Bar Code Printing The card printer supports edge-to-edge printing, or printing without margins. It provides site managers, integrators, and others responsible for an ID system with information to plan and set up a successful card program and to continue delivery of quality printed cards. A Card Job includes actions such as pick or print and add magnetic stripe data. Use exactly the same cardstock for testing that you will use for production.

In other words, an acceptable card has all card design features printed or encoded successfully. Three-track means there are three lines of data on the stripe. Readers must match the card type and caed used.

Installing the Printer Software. A quantum leap in xpz design and production Easy to learn and use We recognize that most ID software users aren t imaging experts or computer. All cards can have security features built in. What is our inventory? Most flexible, most powerful, easiest-to-use ID software.