Actuator 1 Antenna Actuator Serial No. TMAs also do not have these parameters. Please choose your search and [If the default file was used at installation, enter C: Select Close Figure This indicates that Windows does not know what the device is. Once you completed controller operations, follow the previous steps to reset your computer to its original configuration. The user of this design training tool assumes all risks associated with any use of this Design training tool.

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CommScope Software Updates

Select Use the following IP address radio button Figure For cases where you are unable litee contact any devices and smart bias tees are used: Click on Network and Sharing Center Figure Selecting Manage Network Connections. If the voltage is present, then replace RET or replace complete antenna assembly.

It can find AISG 1. Record antenna serial number and actuator serial number s for each antenna.

These bulletins are available online at the Commscope website. Note that all connections are waterproof and that connections should only be hand-tight 0.


Proper installation procedures must be followed when installing and operating RET equipment. RS— serial cable not shown. Files Needed If this screen appears, …reenter the file from previous step. This may appear differently on your computer. Select Properties Figure Check voltage out of smart bias tee 24 volts or 12 volts dc according to type.

When turning on the controller power and the green LED is flickering, turn the power off immediately. Continue eliminating devices until the source of the problem is found. The top unit is installed at the top of the tower, below the Teletilt RET remote electrical tilt devices.

If the permanent jam remains, replace the actuator.

Andrew Atc200-lite-usb Teletilt Controller System USB Power Supply AISG ATC200

The shorting condition can be caused by improper installation or that the circuit inside an actuator has been damaged by some external event such as a lightning strike. However, the RET cable could be the problem.

Refer to Table a for available cable lengths and their part numbers, as well as Andrew RET component part numbers. If the symptom persists, replace the RET or replace the complete antenna assembly. Verify antenna is OK by certifying that tilt rod moves freely about lbs.


Selecting Network and Sharing Center. Voltage level should be close to 24 Vdc. Use a direct RET cable from portable controller to actuators. Local Area Connection Status. See Figures and liite, and Tables and It is enough to isolate a malfunction and replace the device or litte.

Software Updates

Because of ,ite, a dc 2. If the hardware error alarm still persists, allow the device to cool for ten minutes and try to tilt again. Line could have a short even if it sweeps OK.

Cable should never be cut to change genders. Blue Tooth ports cannot be used. Section 18 deals with interoperability with non-Andrew devices.

This should be consulted first.