You should use this parameter to allocate credits to optimize for the anticipated workload. However, depending on the size of the data buffer and the frequency of the data transfer this solution could add significant extra processing effort and reduce any performance gains from using DMA in the first place. Available for simulation only. Port VC6 arbitration table Reserved. Primary Bus number Bit 3: Unsupported Request error for non-posted TLP. You can use this bus to dynamically modify the value of configuration registers that are read-only at run time.

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Buffer Location On systems using established bit processors the main memory is often arranged to be chainkng address 0 in the processor address map and is limited to 4 Gbytes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Title for Topic

Set to all 0s. Valid only chainong ECRC forwarding is enabled. When asserted, indicates detection of an electrical idle. Note whether the timing constraints are achieved in the Compilation Report. Related information Area and Timing Optimization. If separate requests result in two errors, both are logged.

This signal can be set to 1 to accelerate initialization by reducing the value of many initialization counters. Low —This setting configures a slightly larger amount of RX Buffer space for non-posted and posted request credits, but still dedicates most of the space for received completion header and data. The RCB parameter determines the naturally aligned address boundaries on which a read request may be serviced with multiple a,tera.


PCI Express High Performance Reference Design

Class code 24 bits 0x Sets the read-only value of the Class Code register. The reference design includes a Windows-based software application that sets up the DMA transfers.

Issuing a packet with an incorrect number of data cycles results in the TX interface hanging and becoming unable to accept further requests. Maximum of 1 us. All of these fields are read only. The following figure highlights this component. Altera does not provide you a Jungo driver for use in any other application. The following encodings are defined: Transceiver channels are arranged alterz groups of six.

Direct memory access in Embedded Systems (Part two)

When your turn this option On, an Endpoint supports the optional capability of detecting and reporting the surprise down error condition. Double-click any IP core name to launch the parameter editor and generate files representing your IP variation.

Altera recommends setting this bit. To ensure correct values are captured, your Application RTL must include code to force sampling to the middle of this window.


These registers are read only. Click the Generate button at the bottom of the Generation tab to create the testbench. Records the following 5 secondary command status errors: Master Data Parity Error. To iteratively retrieve four-dword descriptors to start a DMA To send update status to the RP, for example to record the number of descriptors completed to the descriptor header Each subsequent descriptor consists of a minimum of four dwords of data and corresponds to one DMA transfer.

This memory can be divided in to buffers to suit the application and the buffers can be arranged on known address boundaries to meet any hardware restrictions. It must have the frequency specified under the System Settings heading in the parameter editor.

Select this option for variations where the received requests and received completions are roughly equal. Refer to the appropriate device pinout for correct pin assignment for more detailed information about these pins. Maximum of 1 us. Specifies the number of messages the Application Layer can request. Advanced error reporting AER.

Records the following link status information: